Vogt Mansion's future as a vertical school

Macsek Kata
Szabó Levente DLA
Diploma Design Studio
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The Vogt mansion on the outskirts of Táborfalva, which today has only a few walls left, but the cellar system is still completely intact, so my aim was to rethink it. The former Vogt Mansion was an important economic and cultural centre in the area, but after the Second World War the representative building, which had once been the centre of the estate, was in a state of steady disrepair. I have studied the material and intellectual heritage of the Mansion and attempted to reinterpret its potential for the present. Whilst the function responds to the social and economic situation, as was once the case when the Mansion was created, I sought to create a contemporary rewriting of the site through architectural choices. Another important aspect was that my aim was not to design a finished house, but a phased strategy that could enrich the area in several phases according to local resources. If resources are scarce, stopping at any phase could be the end of the process.