Innovative Public Spaces

Out of the three design and research studios of the Department of Public Building Design, the INNOVATIVE COMMUNITY SPACES STUDIO deals with the most up to date experiments and innovations of community spaces that develop in their mode of use and spatial systems constantly and at an accelerating pace. The change can be traced back to – among others – the changing community activities, the development of technology, construction technology, the transformation of the functional needs related to each building type, and the emerging requirement for spatial flexibility. The meaning of innovation of community architecture is based on the most progressive experiments, research, and initiatives for the renewal of the usage and attitude of public buildings.

Members of the Studio

András Bartha DLA senior lecturer

Mihály Balázs DLA professor

Péter Klobusovszki DLA associate professor

Zoltán Schrammel DLA senior lecturer

Gábor Zombor DLA senior lecturer

Soma Pongor doctoral student

Sarolta Rab doctoral student

Lilla Starkbauer doctoral student

Norbert Szilágyi doctoral student

Žaklina Nježič doctoral student