Foundation for Community Architecture

(Former name of the foundation: Foundation for Building Design Education)

The main aim of the Foundation for Community Architecture is to support the training of architects, in particular in public building design, inter alia by supporting the development of new teaching methods, providing financial support to students with outstanding design results, expanding teaching aids, by promoting the higher education of Hungarian students from abroad, by funding study trips abroad, architectural tenders, by assisting visiting professors and lecturers, and by funding theoretical and practical research in design, organizing and providing financial support for exhibition and publication opportunities.

The Board of Trustees of the Foundation for Community Architecture would like to thank all those who helped the operation of the Foundation by offering 1% of their personal income tax each year.

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If you can, please support the Foundation for Community Architecture by offering 1% PIT in the future!

Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Péter Klobusovszki Associate Professor, DLA


Registration number

Metropolitan Court, 13. Pk. 60.327 / 98/4. 7099

Number of the decision to register a public benefit

13. Pk. 60.327 / 1998/10 1 March 1999.


1111 Budapest, University of Technology rkp. 3.

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