Kőhalmy Nóra

doctoral student


Kőhalmy Nóra

doctoral student



Sustainable Communities

 The sacral expression of the monolithic building methods in contemporary architecture 


2019-  Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Architecture, Doctoral School of Architecture  

2004-2011 Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Architecture



2019- Under Construction, co-founder 

2017-2018. Földes Architects  

2016-2017. Benczúr-Weichinger Studio, Budapest   

2015-2016 B + B Atelier, Budapest  

2014-2015. Müller Ueli Architekten, Basel, Switzerland, intern  

2013-2014. Suter und Partner Architekten, Bern, Switzerland, intern 

Education, academic degrees

2011 – architect  

Language skills

English – intermediate  

German – upper-intermediate 

Awards, recognitions

Scientific / artistic, professional public, educational activities

2020- Public Building Design 2, consultant 

2019- Space Composition, consultant 

2021- BME Doctoral Workshop, co-lecturer 

2011-12 Freehand Drawing 2 és 3, Department of Graphics, Form and Design, invited lecturer 

10 selected plans or built works
  • 2022 Extension of a downtown apartment building (Under Construction)

  • 2020 Stratifications. National Unity Monumentto the 100th Anniversary of the Treaty of Trianon, competition with Katalin Pálffy (sculptor) 

  • 2020 Hillside houses, permit drawings (Under Construction) 

  • 2019 Family house expansion to generation house, permit drawings (with Lívia Hornyák) 

  • 2019 Open air mass- and memorial place at Anna-Meadow (with László Fridrich, Katalin Pálffy, Judit Gál (sculptors)) 

  • 2018 Ottlik-yard, Budapest competition, special prize 

  • 2017 Historical centre of Székesfehérvár, competition (with László Fridrich, Bogdán Funk), special prize 

  • 2017 Target tower of rowing centre, competition (with László Fridrich, Bogdán Funk), special prize 

  • 2015 Creative house of fine arts in Zebegény, competition (with Bogdán Funk), 1.prize 

  • 2015 ’56 memorial place competition, Móricz Zsigmond Square, Budapest 4.prize 

5 main publications
  • 2020 Ezeréves és hallgatag – Magyari Éva és Pazár Béla Avas-déli református téglatemploma. Építészfórum, https://epiteszforum.hu/print/ezereves-es-hallgatag--magyari-eva-es-pazar-bela-avas-deli-reformatus-teglatemploma 

  • 2020 Contemporary Monolithic Brick Building: Precedents from the architecture of Dietmar Eberle and Béla Pazár. In: Bun, Zoltán; Szabó, Levente (editor): Architecture and Innovation. The BUTE’s Doctoral School’s yearbook 2019/20. Budapest: BUTE Doctoral School of Architectural Design (2020), pp 38-51. 

  • 2020        Newill Academy School Building : the Co-work of a Hungarian Group and the Locals from Year to Year. In: Somogyi, Krisztina; Bedecs-Varga, Éva (editor) School on the move : BUTE Doctoral School of Architectural Design Architecture and Education research group thematic publication / 2019-2020 Budapest, Hungary : BUTE Doctoral School of Architectural Design (2020) pp. 40-43. 

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