Timelesss and Contemporary

Subjective interpretation of tradition’s continuity in contemporary architecture

Sajtos Gábor DLA
Cságoly Ferenc DLA
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In my thesis, I am researching those architectural behaviours and ways of expression that can be up-to-date and still keep and forward persistent architectural values. My thesis is based on an eighteen year long creative process, where the first emerging „architectural creative urge” formed in architectural creations. In my thesis I explore some manifestations of continuity and renovation in architecture, possibilities to represent traditional architectural values in contemporary ways. In my thesis, which I consider a part of my creative process, I explore questions and answers through buildings that I designed or visited. Through the presented examples I research how the buildings with values coming from the past can remain authentic. I make a list of some representations of tradition in contemporary architecture, analyse how tradition can be a source of treasury beside its two-facedness. The way of using tradition, defining the connection to it is a basic question. Exploring the interrelation of old and new, analysing, thinking over, and define the essential architectural elements are the base of defining contemporary ways of expressing tradition. Revival of old within new is essential for the collected experience to remain and regenerate in present. This change strongly belongs to tradition. Tradition should communicate with the constantly changing world around or else it becomes archaic. If change keeps the base that works well for a long time and led by the will to improve can lead to real progress. Timeless architecture is timeless because its strong spiritual content, or it is able to change, reform. Ability to change, reform continuously means a constant control with the environment. In this relation building react to its environment. The essential architectural qualities remain, but change in time, and this ability gives their timelessness. The contemporary architectural creation that expressed with essential architectural qualities can become sincere, uniform, and unique.

I define basic architectural qualities, that define „architectural creative urge” as silence, correlation, and context, and demonstrate these within my designs.