The Reincarnation of Building Materials Around Lake Balaton

Bartha András Márk
Klobusovszki Péter DLA

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This essay deals with a layer of architecture outside the scope of usual academic discourse. We explore , and examine situations, where the users establish a dense, personal relationship with their buildings by taking part in the building process, and by reusing materials that carry emotional surplus from their earlier use. The weekend huts of lake Balaton are the subject of this study , because they carry the abovementioned characteristics.. I assume that the free spirit of emancipated way building here, gives these buildings substantial inner beauty.

“Architecture without architects” resides parallel to institutionalized architecture, bringing both harmful, and constructive synergies to life when they collide with each other. Spontaneous architecture produces affordable, feasible, easy-to-maintain buildings from very few resources with a lot of innovation, therefore it deserves the attention, and documentation of academic study. The research of such tinkered buildings has multiple goals: documenting their adaptable, ever-changing experimental structures, studying the creative forces that create them, and transferring the know-how and methodology to professional architectural practice.