Departmental Design 3

Cluj Napoca 2048x1121

Department Design 3 for students is a one semester design course in English, organized by the Departments of Design in. The object of the course is to introduce a multilevel design method for students from general urban concept to the design of an architectural element. A comprehensive urban-architectural design based on the analysis of the ur- ban tissue, cultural heritage, architectural details is going to give a common frame for individual architectural proposals. Teamwork and individual work will constantly implement and define each other. The semester will also give space to work on some contemporary questions in architecture, like the sustainability of an established urban environment, the relationship and social aspects of public and private spaces, the effects of landscape design and design of public spaces buildings.

Responsible for the subject

Klobusovszki Péter DLA

Credit point value

Cluj Napoca 2048x1121

Subject description