Space Composition

Planar Tension With Red 1926

Space composition is the creative course of the first semester, during which the students study the basics of the com- position of (architectural) space. The aim of the course on one hand is to develop one’s creativity, on the other hand getting a deeper knowledge about the nature of creating architectural space through space composition exercises. This knowledge will be the basis of the process of architectural design in the forthcoming semesters.

Responsible for the subject

Fazekas Katalin DLA, Bartha András DLA

Credit point value
term mark
Planar Tension With Red 1926

Subject description

Space Composition - the subtitle of the semester already offers a glimpse into the nature of the work for the semester. The subject is based on intensive workshop work, a series of quick questions and answers. In the meantime, there are common conversations and debates. The tasks relate to five major topics, subgroups of space operations. At the beginning of the semester, when more help is needed, there is typically a guided task solution and workshop work. As we progress through the semester, the role of individual work in the assignments will become greater. During the semester, 3 major tasks will be solved. Intermediate workshops help with individual work and immersion at home. The semester ends with the preparation of individual portfolios and a joint exhibition, which summarizes the knowledge gained in the semester and prepares the subject of planning for the next semester.