Basics of Architecture


Architectural planning is a creative process, typified mainly by an end result that is either one-of-a-kind in its details or uncommon as a whole. Hence, the design path is unique in and of itself. In the case of design activity, instruction does not only impart basic knowledge of the profession (the mas- tery and practice of which is a requirement of the design process), but also develops creative skills. The Fundamen- tals of Architecture class consists of weekly practice; be- fore receiving each assignment, however, there is a general lecture held for all that year’s students. Within the subject, architectural pupils encounter tasks that require architec- tural-based problem solving and creative trouble-shooting. Classes of 25-28 pupils are run by 3-4 main instructors. In the course of the semester, there are several small planning tasks to be solved, modelling, architectural drawing, and technical drawing with equipment. Design tasks are built around a unifying theme or motto

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