Visitor centre and workshop

Rehabilitation of the Kőszeg Felt Factory

Csizmadia Nóra Olimpia
Fejérdy Péter DLA
Comprehensive Design Studio 1
The project area is the Kőszeg felt factory and its area, which is surrounded by the Gyöngyös and its millrace as an island to the northwest of the town. The unique factory is now operating with a small workforce, but the aim is to revitalise and develop the area. My plan aims to develop not only the factory but the whole area, making the neighbourhood interested. I would create a promenade linking the town to the factory area, which would host a series of craft workshops, alongside various programmes, using the existing buildings in the area. The factory would be enriched with a visitor building and a workshop to serve visitors, artists and education. A generous roof has been designed to connect the two parts of the building, which, as well as providing a dry passage for the work processes that cross the factory buildings, would also have a community-building and place-making role, as it would be a place where visitors could arrive or exhibit the products made there.