Transcript of Spaces

Revitalisation of the Ruins of the Pauline Monastery in Budaszentlőrinc

Fruzsina Csekei
Levente Szabó DLA
Diploma Design Studio
Budaszentlőrinc in the mountains of Pilis is a popular destination for hikers, but above all, it is a place of pilgrimage for believers and those seeking retreat, as it was the site of the first main monastery of the Hungarian Pauline Order. Understanding the significance, history, and historical layers of the place is a complex and difficult task. Most of the ruins have already decayed or are covered by earth. The partial reconstruction currently present on the site only evokes the presence of the former monastery with elevated foundations. My plan is a thought-provoking proposal that responds to the existing sense of lack. The composition of four elements creates a new interpretive layer at the site, highlighting the important spaces of the monastery and evoking the presence and activities of the monks who once lived within them.