Traditional Leisure Center

Surman Lili
Balázs Mihály DLA
Specialization Design Course
Adjacent to the leased plot was the Dermavision Clinic on one side, and a classicist residential building on the other. In order to solve the entrance situation of the small leased lot and the neighboring residential building, I also included this existing building in my planning program. My function thus gained more space. In this place, people can take part in traditional crafts, where they can learn how to make everyday objects of the old peasant culture: they can weave baskets from canes or even weave carpets. After such an afternoon or weekend program of several hours, they can sit down for a hot tea in the building next door. This part of the building is separated from the traditional house, so even people walking in from the street can enjoy a cup of tea. I definitely wanted to create some kind of connection between the new part of the building and the stream. I solved this with windows opening towards the stream and the outdoor expansion of the tea house.