Tokaj - The neglected Garden of Eden

Bodrogpart Water sports club

Blanka Gill
Péter Krompáczki
Specialization Design Course
The Bodrogpart is quite a picturesque site, so I planned a small, line-like intervention. The area is arranged by two main lines: the dike and the river. Due to the water contact in sports, pulling the object to the waterfront seemed reasonable. Because of the floodplain, those functions that mustn't get under water, it is necessary to lift them up and protect them from flooding. Thus, the planned objects are separated from each other both horizontally and vertically. The main intention is to connect 3 different groups. I count on the adventurers of the Bodrog tour centre, the kayakers and rowers of the local water sports club, as well as the lovers of the cycling tours in Tokaj. The existing coastal route connects the 3 intervention venues: the water sports club building, the bicycle restroom, the dressing room and the existing pavilion. I chose a structurally light construction; the building shows the image of a wooden house planted on a metal frame.