Tokaj Artist Colony

Csekei Fruzsina Rita, Tihanyi Dóra
Kronavetter Péter DLA
Specialization Design Course
Through the artist colony planned for the main square of Tokaj, we tried to give a new impetus to the city center. The building complex, which adapts to the installation of the surroundings, encourages artistic planning in the inspiring, picturesque location with public and private creative spaces. The main building, which opens from the square, gives home to group workshops and an exhibition - event space, while the smaller masses on the back of the plot gives home to artist accommodations, giving space for private creative work. We revive the former function of the abandoned Aranysas Hostel, counter to the previous design we open it to the public space on the ground floor. Fitting into the characteristic street view of Tokaj, a stone fence runs around the plot boundary, which also appears on the facades of the buildings as a uniform level-high plinth. It solves the surrounding heavy cladding with a wooden façade cladding at the top of the buildings.