Theatre studio

Panna Wentzel
Péter Fejérdy DLA
Specialization Design Course
Where does the theatre begin? There are symbolic boundaries that separate the world of theatre from our everyday lives, the audience from the actors. When the lights turn off, when the curtain falls, when the actor disappears into the maze of set walls. In my design, I try to dissolve these borders. In this theatre the only real boundary is between the outside and the inside: in the inner world the auditorium and the stage, reality and the play, the role of the listener and the storyteller, all merge. The building turns away from its surroundings, it is a closed, mysterious mass within which anything can happen, and a comprehensive view can only be gained from across the river. Once inside, the rules of everyday life are suspended, there is no marked boundary between where the play can begin and where the tale must end. From the moment of entry, one is a player in the play… by entering the building, the visitor is given the opportunity to go behind the scenes.