The maze gazebo

Csizmadia Nóra Olimpia
Fazekas Katalin
Basics of Architecture
On first hearing, many people can't imagine how a maze and a gazebo fit together. For most people, a labyrinth brings to mind high walls and confinement, while a lookout is about the importance of the view. But in this case we needed both, something to give us a better view and something to create a place where we feel safe. Thus, the concept of creating a space that would allow all people to find their place in the space and that would emphasize the view. In addition to these, there is also a pavilion where information about the site can be obtained, so that the green space is not just of interest to locals. It is made of rustic steel that suggests the vastness of nature, so it does not distract from the surrounding vegetation and landscape. A wall or bench appears throughout the area, forming a single unit. The possibilities are endless for visitors, young and old alike, who can use the space to their own advantage.