The atelier for productive "doing nothing"

Lili Szaszák
Levente Szabó DLA
Specialization Design Course
In Cluj Napoca, there is a small land on the banks of the Malomárok. In the seemingly tangled surroundings, you can quickly find details of wild beauty. A busy road on one side and a ditch bank on the other border the site. The core of my plan started from this imperfect but charming atmosphere. What is the value today? Time, future, productivity that results in restlessness, rush, burnout. Today, so-called idleness is almost a crime. We must spend every minute of our day doing something useful. And then empty. I would like to create an analogous laboratory of productive idleness, where my function is a workshop of herbs, but the real essence is the slowing down caused by the smells, feelings, conversations, experienced during the process of creation. This is complemented by a series of beds along the ditch and a tea house. Formal inspiration comes from the late local baths. Crossing the two character routes of town and nature, visitors can take a little of their own soul with them.