Renovation of the Coal Loading Tower of Esztergom and revitalization of its surroundings

Dániel Péter Klenóczky
Péter Kronavetter DLA
Diploma Design Studio
The Esztergom Coal Loading Station began operations in 1927, serving to transport coal, arriving in wagons from the Dorog coal mine, to barges waiting beneath the loading area. Despite being granted industrial heritage protection in 1995, the building has not undergone any conservation actions to date. The aim was to revive the structure and its surroundings, creating an attractive memorial site that prominently showcases traces of the past to the public. Along the transformation of the abandoned coal loading station, the plan also involves the establishment of a mining museum. The establishment of both land and water connections was crucial. Due to its location, the coal loading station serves as an ideal resting point and harbor for visitors enjoying aquatic activities. To strengthen the connection between the past and the present, a small cable car is operating between the two buildings, reminiscent of the operation of coal transportation.