Regenerative agricultural yard / Lengyel

Monostori Fanni
Kemes Balázs DLA
Diploma Design Studio
The location of my diploma thesis is the old garden of the Count Apponyi family in Lengyel, today it is the area of an agricultural technical school and vocational school. My project is a case-study, which examines the agricultural system of the rural Hungary at the local level. It offers an alternative contrary to the traditional agricultural system. Regenerative agriculture is a way of transforming the soil that replenishes nutrients and restores biodiversity. The proposed agricultural yard is a functional rewriting and reinterpretation of the former horticultural building complex. It helps to regenerate the soil and increase the carbon storage capacity of the land through the utilization of the green waste of local orchards. Part of the design program is a settlement-scale wood pelleting plant and a greenhouse, which will enable the exploitation of green waste on several levels. In this sense, the yard uses everything and everyone, improves quality, restores values: it regenerates.