Project Q

Rácz Szabó Barnabás, Szemelveisz Nikolett, Szvath Réka
Balázs Mihály DLA
Comprehensive Design Studio 2
Honorable mentions
In our installation, we tried to embrace the unique beauty of the Icelandic landscape and its controversial features. Our goal was to have an installation that involves the least possible interference in nature, so we choosed a plank-like observation point that connects the inner side of the volcano to the outer natural landscape. The duality of Iceland can also be observed at the top of the volcano. Turning towards the crater, dynamic depth absorbs itself, while on the other side, soft natural forms unfold before us. The installation further reinforces these feelings. The slightly ascending part narrowing towards the crater is dynamic, while the widening plank on the other side encouraging people to sit down and accept the view of the landscape. We also considered the construction and maintenance of the installation during the design. The material of the platform is also made of tuff in the area. In addition, some of the wood formwork used was incorporated into the seats and railings.