Pauline Monastery Ruins in Budaszentlőrinc - Visiter Center

Ágota Gunther
Péter Kronavetter DLA
Comprehensive Design Studio 2
The 400-year periodization of the former Pauline monastery in Budaszentlőrinc took place with the development of unique spatial situations. The presence of different layers, the conservation and decay of the ruins raise a number of questions. In my concept, I tried to respect and complement the role of sacredness with the use of small-size bricks. The intervention’s vigorous contour arranges the gradual arrival into the liturgical space and then, as a retaining wall, includes the ruined garden planted with affluent vegetation and the garden of use until we reach the more profane building, which is sunk into the field. Next to it is the tower, which was built on the site of the old sanctuary and affects the past significance of the locality.