Worthy presentation

Emőke Módly
Péter Klobusovszki DLA
Specialization Design Course
The Tranzit House in Kolozsvár is currently forced into an alley situation, painted colourful, stuffed with unnecessary parts to serve as a cultural center. Following the guidelines of the foundation, specifically founded for the renewal of this building, I would like to achieve its goal and find solutions to the existing problems. My building’s main concept is the late synagogue’s worthy presentation, by opening up its facade and controlling its introduction, its functions are to be cleaned and supplemented. The newly created order of the block of buildings will be done with different spacings and routes. The monumental promenade will inaugurate the cultural center to the bloodstream of the city, summoning the historic bridge, that once stood here. The new structure gives a helping hand, so that Poalé Cedek reobtains its original light, conserving its spirit and perpetuating this essence.