Lykeion, District XI.

Transdisciplinary College of Advanced Studies in Újbuda

Zsombor Hernádi
Tamás Karácsony DLA
Diploma Design Studio
In addition to the quantitative problem of affordable housing reserved for university students, the dormitory culture in Hungary suffers from another deficiency: our dormitories are uniform in terms of the residents' fields of study. In response, my goal with my thesis was to create an intellectual workshop that spans universities and fields of study, further strengthening the synergy provided by professional diversity through the possibility of cohabitation. The building can be divided into two distinct parts. The ground floor and the first floor include the communal and educational spaces, which require large spans - accordingly, these two levels are designed with a reinforced concrete pillar and beam system. The upper residential levels are spatially over-determined, thus are constructed using an easily dismantable, lightweight CLT panel system. This structural duality ensures that the building's physical self can survive the loss of its original purpose.