Garden Tower_Kolozsvár

Csizmadia Nóra Olimpia
Kronavetter Péter
Specialization Design Course
One of the aims of the concept is to create a connection with the river, as this is mostly impossible along the Szamos due to steep banks and overgrown vegetation. Taking advantage of the site's characteristics, a promenade has been created along the bank, which, with its steady slope, leads to the river, and at the end of the promenade, the community centre includes a bridge, which can be crossed to get even closer to the river. Another important design principle was to create some separation between the residential community and the public, as the area is surrounded by residential buildings, so there is a backyard situation. This purpose is also served by the promenade which, because of its difference in level, makes the remaining area suitable for a more private function, so here a park-like green space has been created. The community tower has been given an attractive exterior with an imposing facade.