Kaldenecker Zsófia
Vannay Miklós Ágoston DLA, Dombóvári János, Sámson Kinga, Szántó Hunor Albert
Public Building Design 2
"I was in Szentendre today,and while driving along the road 11,I noticed that a strict,gridded,artificial forest surrounded the road,as if protecting something.In the distance,I saw a fault in the strict tree line.As I approached,I realized that the "fault" was a tall,long wall. I entered the enclosure through a gap in the wall.The square area was accessible from 4 sides,and the sections divided by roads were split by masses of glass on 2 sides,reinforcing the central,interior atmosphere.It felt as if the building was communicating with itself and with me.When I walked around the visitor center and found out what Ulcisia Castra was,I headed for one of the passageways.I emerged from the wooded midst into a field of flowers. So this is where the Castrum once stood!The stark shift between the two parts struck me.Although I could not see the former fortress,I felt as if I was standing between its rampart walls and its austere row of buildings. I could not see it, but I felt it."