House of Local Knowledge

Lili Surman
Mihály Balázs DLA
Comprehensive Design Studio 1
The location is an abandoned farmhouse complex near Hernád, where three rural houses have been preserved. The building serves as a home for all activities related to folk and other artistic disciplines. These fading skills are kept alive through the transmission of traditional crafts and arts. In addition to traditional crafts, it was important to me that the children who come here gain insight into the world of agriculture. That's why I planted a permaculture vegetable garden behind the building. For efficient energy operation, I tried to design the building in a way that natural ventilation is possible for most of the time. For shading, I extensively used the shading effect of vegetation, with the help of walnut trees and grapevine trellises. During winter operation, the warmth inside the building is primarily provided by the fireplace. Additionally, thanks to the large windows, the heating effect of the sun also contributes to keeping the building warm.