Homeless Rehabilitation Center

Czeglédi Csenge
Berecz Tamás DLA, Vannay Miklós DLA
Diploma Design Studio
The planning site is a ruin belonging to the old hussar barracks of Nagyvárad and its immediate surroundings. The plan addresses both urban and social problems. The placed function is a Halfway Centre, which provides mental help for homeless people who already have a job and are not addicts, but whose housing is still uncertain, so the risk of them relapsing is high. Within the centre, various methods of therapy help the recovery and reintegration of these individuals, while also placing an emphasis on the different types of green areas and their uses. The plan also deals with the shortcomings of the neighbouring school, easing those by suggesting an expansion of the school. The large, currently empty area in front of the two buildings will be transformed into a communal space, thus creating a public zone.