Folt Alkotóház

Ressely Krisztina
Hőnich Richárd, Félix Zsolt, Mudry Luca, Hellenpárt György
Public Building Design 2

Folt Alkotóház is a community space where laid-back cultural events take place. Furthermore, it is a favourable place for industrial artists and theater communities to create and perform. During the design process, I considered that a two-sided entrance is the most convenient for the building since both the Danube promenade, and the other street are tourist locations. It was important for me to get a sneak peak about the happenings here while approaching the building. Coming from the small street’s direction you can see the glass-blowing, while from the promenade the indoor-outdoor space of the cafe/pub opens up in front of us. I arranged the catering and staff functions in a cellular arrangement at the ground floor in the two parts of the building, which arrangement continues on the first floor incorporating the design studios. On the first floor the two parts of the building unites enabling to create a spacious multifunctional performance/exhibition space. The harmony of the spaces on this level is strengthened by the terrace, which is the last element of the "creation-exhibition-perception" process.