Community sports centre in Tata

Márton Romhányi
Balázs Kemes
Comprehensive Design Studio 2
The design location is in Tata, at a former quarry area called Kőporos. The site is bordered by a rock wall that is currently hidden but will have a monumental feel once the vegetation is removed. The designed building is a community sports centre with outdoor recreational sports courts. The choice of this function was justified by the lack of community sports opportunities, particularly in the western part of Tata. The building is a furniture-like element placed next to the rock wall, resembling a wooden box, with its structural framework and cladding both made of timber. Accessible via a bridge, the upper level features a café and an event hall. On the lower level, there are changing rooms and a sports hall. Only the building's foundation is made of reinforced concrete, while the superstructure is composed of CLT panels. The building's facade is covered with vertically oriented wooden battens, creating a membrane-like effect with openings facing the courts.