Community house and garden


Alexandra Krekó, Patrícia Toller
Péter Fejérdy DLA
Specialization Design Course
To highlight the floating position of the Aranysas Hotel and the building of the church, we created a public bay for community use, involving the plot next to the hotel. We imagined a public garden that can be a transition between the old-town centre and the suburb, In fact, it approaches to a more natural environment. To continue the public spaces, the ground floor of the hotel has been opened, and we redefined it as a new community space, so that the locals can also get in touch with the historical building. This would operate as a gallery and a salon, and on the other side of the plot, we designed a pavilion-like building, which could complete the public functions of the old building. The main area of the pavilion is a public livingroom which provides place for events, exhibitions, social activities, or relaxing there. In addition, we designed creative spaces, an artist-cave and a café in the building.