Community and Cultural Center of Mogyoród

Alexandra Krekó
Péter Fejérdy DLA
Diploma Design Studio
Mogyoród has been waiting for a place which gives ground for traditions, culture and social life since forever. I designed a community house that can be the connecting point of the village’s life, can overcome the gap between generations and can serve as a solution for the lack of integration between locals and new residents. The designed community house consists of 3 buildings: a Library Café, that acts rather as a free, communal reading area than as a regular library. The Event Center, the „Barn” – the collecting point of the community house – where the village unites, where they watch performances together, where they dance and have fun together. These two are completed by a small house that serves as a public living room and is ideal for small group events, it is like a part of the fence that surrounds the public garden.