Collective workshop house

Csányi street // Kis diófa street

Csenge Virág Molnár, Luca Somlói-Fazekas
Levente Szabó DLA, Gábor Fábián DLA
Diploma Design Studio
Thanks to the joint TDK research and our interest in the topic, the entire design process was based on collaborative work, from the first thoughts to the final architectural decisions. The basic idea of ​​our diplomatic plan is to reflect with an architectural answer for the collective art and creative "colonies" that are typically organized from the bottom up , which can provide a breeding ground for these groups in the way we define. The pair of plots connecting the two streets was an important aspect of the chosen location. The idea of ​​the canyon-like incision we dreamed up, which came about through the connection of the two plots, not only fulfills the function of possibility, but also serves as one of the most important arenas for community life and the establishment of functions.