Children's hideaway

Kindergarten in Bodrogzug

Anna Dorottya Csanády, Liza Varga
Mihály Balázs DLA
Specialization Design Course
During the planning process, the most important aspect for us was that Tokaj, with its declining population, should be able to offer young people an alternative above the tourism and hospitality industry that would make it worthwhile to stay or move back to the city. The most appropriate way to do this was to build a strong network of educational institutions, the first link of which was designed for the youngest age group. "In the 21st century, we need to do everything backwards, for effective learning. The world looks different from a lookout in the middle of the forest, and people feel and think differently in these different spaces. Small, enclosed spaces help you to work meticulously." Dr. Éva Gyarmathy Clinical and Educational Psychologist With these ideas in mind, we have tried to create a children's world that takes into account the fact that in today's fast-paced world, children develop differently and their environment has to adapt to this.