Children's and Youth Library and Community Centre

Csonka Jázmin Anna
Kemes Balázs DLA, Balázs Marcell, Dombrovszky Zsófia, Szabó Máté
Public Building Design 2
I designed a children's and youth library and community centre in Szentendre. In its proximity several educational institutions can be found. The building consists of four blocks, one of them is dedicated for service. I imagined the other blocks as if they are strung on an axis. Here in the transition between the noisy point - the children's playroom - and the quiet point - the library - is the largest block, where -besides other functions- community life takes place.Floor-to-ceiling sliding doors make it possible to open up the spaces and to close them up. This way, the interior adjusts to the different spacial demands. The massive stone walls are made continuous by glass walls, so even though the blocks are separated, they are still connected, as this creates a very clear, transparent interior space. As for the exterior and the interior their stone-covering create a subtle reference to the nearby Hamvas Béla Pest County Library, creating a sense of harmony between the two buildings.