Castrum visitor centre

Szerdahelyi Dalma
Frikker Zsolt
Public Building Design 2
The Castrum visitor centre in Szentendre sets a wall between the past and the present, the city and the forgotten ruins. The museum evokes the character of the former castrum through its scale and spatial settings, with an emphasis on its atmosphere. The monolithic mass is eye catching without dominating its surroundings, yet its isolating character attracts the attention of passers-by. The enclosed feature slowly dissolves towards the ruins, to which the spatial layout of the exhibit draws the eye. The changing use of light accentuates the exhibits, the courtyards bringing the stone collections to a prominent position. The museum acts almost as a gateway to the buried fort, opening up its historic heritage to the visitor. The walk through the uncovered ruins draws attention to the memorial points of Szentendre, by showing the excavated sections of the castrum, confronting us with its true scale. The visitor's experience is complete by taking a walk around the exhibition trail.