Castrum visitor center

Reppert Hanga Izabella
Klobusovszki Péter DLA, Pongor Soma
Public Building Design 2
The Roman ruins excavated at Szentendre are the remains of a former Roman military fortification, which was an important part of the limes protecting the borders of the empire. The currently excavated parts of the camp built at the beginning of the 2nd century are in the open and can be viewed. The planned visitor centre is intended to present the ruins of the Castrum and the nearby Roman quarry. The building aligns with its nearby neighbours and also refers to the now visible shape of the archaeological monument with the main part of the building located at one end and the corridor connected to it from the top. Walking along here, the visitor can see the ruins from a higher position while going down along the wall, then the Roman quarry, and finally, arriving at the former Roman road. The lookout corridor and stone storehouse start from the exhibition space as a kind of continuation of it.