Mácsai Kristóf
Ostoróczky Nóra, Bujdosó Ildikó, Rab Enikő Sarolta
Basics of Architecture
In my semester project, I aimed to create spaces that help us to calm down, to shift our mental state in a positive direction. For the location, I chose a hillside in the northern part of the Gellért Mountain, close to the traffic junction of the Hegyalja road. The sight of the endless line of cars on the road makes an interesting parallel with one of the basic principles of meditation, to quietly listen to our thoughts, not to get involved in them. A road connects the three spaces, linking them together. The road is bordered by a wavelike row of wooden pillars, some of which are clustered, others sparse. This series of pillars reappear in the walls of the buildings. Each of the three rooms makes the perfect conditions for three different functions, the first for relaxation, the second for yoga and the third for total immersion.