Buda-Nyék Community House

Krisztián Kiss
Levente Szabó DLA
Comprehensive Design Studio 2
Located at the former royal hunting hunting grounds of II. Ulászló, the past of the „Revelry Palace” is merely suspected. Unravelling its past, the aim was to create a community house as a spiritual successor to reflect its former vitality. It functions as a scene for activities that encourage the participation of communities, where new knowledge and experiences can be shared. The foundations served as a conceptual reference, extending their traces as a monolithic inner core on the surface, following the morphology of its open structure. The interior tends to soften, with furniture-like interconnecting spaces occupying the walls. A transitional lane of slender pillars rises along the outer boundary, giving a sense of the former arcade. Opening the occupational spaces sideways, the day-time and seasonal changes are embedded by the diffuse light filtering through the skylights in the centre, creating a transient atmosphere where we can sense the passage of time, allowing remembrance.