Autism and space

Early development center for 2-6 year olds

Gyetvai Zsuzsanna
Balázs Mihály DLA
Diploma Design Studio
Hauszmann-díj 2022
My chosen topic; Designing an Early Development Centre for people with autism, delves into a topic that has become increasingly important over the years. The percentage of people with autism in society is gradually increasing, yet it is rarely taken into account in the planning process. My aim is to understand their needs, based on the advice of environmental psychologists and literature, and to create innovative spaces for different individuals that can facilitate the difficulties they face in their lives in different ways. Using the principles of an inclusive approach, I have designed a building that pays special attention to children with autism as well as neurorotypical children. Its special thematic spaces are designed to playfully help and teach the children to develop by engaging their different senses.