Art "corner"

Sándor Nóra Virág
Balázs Mihály DLA
Specialization Design Course
Art „corner”, Cluj The workshop house, designed for local artists and creators, is located on a vacant lot, which has the exceptional feature of being separated from the streets of the city and passing through the building to arrive at the banks of the Szamos. These two places with different qualities were a great concept shaping force. While the rooms closer to the street perform community functions, the workshops and studios overlooking the river provide a calm environment for in-depth creation. In addition to the slight axiality formed, vertical differentiation also appears. On the lower levels, group sessions take place, while on the upper levels, individual work. The main element of communication with Szamos is the visual connection, which is ensured by the striking facade openings. The two gardens alleviate the building and bring light into the interior spaces. When looking for their place, their space-shaping effect was an important consideration.