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Koloszár Ella
Szabó Levente DLA
2. helyezett, tanszéki különdíj
Not so long ago the image of a flock of sheep grazing in the valley spontaneously sprang to mind when people thought of the Hármashatár Mountain. But since then, the local ecosystem has changed radically. If we imagine a flock of sheep moving back into this area, we might ask: how do elements of the revived past fit in with the new customs that have developed in their place? Will the layers of animals, nature, the built environment and humans merge or will they be sharply separated? Through the architectural program and design of a sheep farm, I would like to experiment whether a harmonious ecosystem can be restored to the area of the Hármashatár Mountain with the duality of regeneration and conservation, without compromising the functions that the community can benefit from and enjoy, with the main focus on the former hangar building in the proposal.