Square around forest

Földényi Dóra, Kokavecz Kata
Kemes Balázs DLA
TDK I. díj, HK Prezentációs különdíj
The previously industrially dominated area of SZÈPHÖ Zrt. is now gradually opening up its doors to the public, offering itself up to being integrated into the cities’ everyday life. The space leaves no room for everyday norms and expectations, it is both square and round, inclosed and welcoming, for the visitors it is a place a solitude. By leaving the everyday outside we create a new community. Our goal is to create a space that drags us out of our current life to then return us with a renewed sense of relations, to help not only the building´s revitalisation, but its also visitors’. Establishing additional contrasts we reveal new layers not only by the tank, but in the whole factory and later spreading to Szekesfehervar. With the help of the transitional spaces we will guide people back into society, transform the factory into a vital organ of the city, and when leaving the walls behind we will take this further to make this project a crucial part of the buzzing world around us.