Spaces of our Memories

How do we remember space?

Wentzel Panna Sára
Fejérdy Péter DLA
TDK II. helyezett, HK Prezentációs Különdíj
What impressions do spaces leave behind? How do our memories distort the image of the spaces we have experienced? Reality cannot be mapped by sight alone, perception of space is more than passive reception, and memory is a kind of mental reconstruction. In the process of remembering, there is a kind of falsity; but this distortion is still expressive. „In my view, the task of architecture is to make visible how the world touches us” Writes Juhani Pallasmaa in his book The Eyes of Skin, in which he explores the relationship between architecture and the five senses. Like architecture, the ’touch of the world' involves multiple dimensions of perception and memory. Can film as a visual genre be used to authentically represent this complex relationship? The connection between film, architecture and memory is analysed in an experimental adaptation of the Church of the Holy Trinity in Gödöllő, which project aims to depict dream-like spaces that seem at once alien and intangibly familiar.