What light performing fills into the phenomenon

Berczeli, Sára
Bartha, András Márk DLA
TDK I. díj, Pro Progressio különdíj
What is the tool that can bring this function-lost building, a container back to life? Man himself is the fundamental element of our built environment. Our buildings are of no use if there is no one who discovers, learns, senses them or complements their function simply with their presence. My answer to the question above was born: I intend to give a central role to man in the revitalization process. Being ispired by phenomenology and my personal experiences I intend to provide a special space experience. My goal is creating an inconspicuous medium, a mood and atmosphere that affects merely the senses and the transcendental sphere of consciousness. This experience gives everyone a different meaning while preserving the past and giving new meaning to the building. Here we have the opportunity to exclude the outside world and surrender to the present. Time stops. We are involuntarily forced to notice the details that we tend to ignore in everyday life.