English course

English course

Regular Courses:

Erasmus Course

  • Interdisciplinary Project Design 2017.
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  • Architectural ResearchArchitectural Criticism (BMEEPKO 0995)
    – led by Bálint MAROSI DLA. contact: marosi.b@kozep.bme.hu
    – the goal: a written analisys of a contemporary building in Hungary (see this homepage!).
    – independent work, with weekly consultations
    – for 4 students.
    see the schedule here!;

Regular + Erasmus Courses:

the staff:

  • Bálint Marosi
  • Zoltán Schrammelz.schrammel@gmail.com
  • Gyula Grédics g.muterem@gmail.com
  • Piroska Varga
  • Zsuzsanna Géczi
  • Henrik Ceccaroli Syvertsen

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