Our mission

Mission Statement of the Department of Public Building Design


Community architecture is a passion of ours.

The ars poetica of our architecture education is based on an intensive correlation between our students and tutors. Among our former and current colleagues, the invited architect tutors and students, we can find excellent contemporary architecture fellows, with prestigious community buildings honored by several national and international awards. The individual vision of our architect tutors enriches our educational philosophy, yet as a school of architecture with a rich tradition, we try to represent a unified approach at different levels of undergraduate and graduate education.

We follow the community architecture in a triple conceptual system of memory, sustainability, and innovation both in theory and everyday practice. We display basic and relevant issues and design attitudes in our training, research, and creative work with these approaches. Our built and cultural heritage is as much a focus of our attention as it is important to support the users of community spaces respecting sustainability or to research and cultivate innovative, experimental, and progressive endeavors.

Our responsibility is to provide the freedom-based artistic character of architectural education in an inspiring collaboration with all engineering disciplines. We position ourselves as a determinant regional workshop that substantially shows the cultural embedding of architecture in the Central and Eastern European areas. The open-minded, receptive team of our department is searching and waiting for students, architects, dedicated representatives of other fields of art and science, from the university or out of it, domestic or international partners to join the work at our team.


Budapest September 2020

Professor Szabó Levente DLA
head of the department
Ybl Miklós and Pro Architectura Award-winning architect