Fazekas Katalin DLA

Fazekas Katalin DLA

architect, senior lecturer


field of research

(hu) Közösség és építészet. Komplex tervezői megközelítések


2012-2103 Visiting Student Researcher at Portland State University – Fulbright scholarship
2009-2012 Postgradual DLA-course, BUTE Doctoral School of Architecture, Department of Public Building Design
2004-2005 Technical University of Tampere, Finland - Erasmus study abroad program
2000-2008 M. Sc., BUTE, Public Building Design Department
1995-1999 Alternative Economics High School, Budapest

professional experiences

2019- assistant lecturer, BUTE Public Building Design Department
2014- principal at Kettopera Studio, Budapest
2013-2014 architect at AlliedWorks Architecture, Portland, Oregon, U.S.A
2009-2011 architect at Zsuffa and Kalmár Architecture Studio, Budapest


2018 Doctor of Liberal Arts (DLA)
2008 M.Sc. in Architecture and Engineering, BUTE

language skills

English advanced
German intermediate
French intermediate



2014 Engagement Innovation Fund 2014, theme of Outreach to Underserved Communities, U.S. Department of State
2010 TÁMOP university research Scholarship
2009 Prima Primissima Junior for outstanding academic performance
2008 Diploma award of Association of Hungarian Architects
2008 Diploma award of Hauszmann Alajos, University diploma prize
2008 Diploma award of Graphisoft, Hungary

scientific and social activity

2019- Space composition course lead – English course, BUTE
2019- Space composition course lead – Hungarian course, BUTE
2019- TT2 course consultant, BUTE
2016- Invited jury member of diploma award, BUTE
2015- Invited external expert for diploma award, BUTE
2015- Invited jury member for Fulbright Scholarship, Budapest
2016 Lecture about Social Architecture, Meet the Scientist - Benedictine Pannonhalma Archabbey Highschool
2016 Lecture about Biobriquette Building in Monor with Miklós Oroszlány - American Corner
2015 Lecture about Biobriquette Building in Monor with Miklós Oroszlány at Creative Construction Conference, Krakow
2014 Portland State Haiti Program named lecture at BME, Sustainable Design guidelines class
2013 Social Architecture lecture at Portland State University
2013 Architectural Design Studio class, PSU
2012 Arch 480, Architectural Design Studio 4 (4th year students’ studio), PSU
2012 Public building design (2nd year students’ class), BUTE
2011 Departmental Project (4th year students’ class), BUTE
2011 Public building design (2nd year students’ class), BUTE
2010 Departmental Project (3rd year students’ class), BUTE
2010 Public building design (2nd year students’ class), BUTE
2009 Space composition (1st year students’ class), BUTE
2009 Basics of architecture 2. (1st year students’ class), BUTE

10 major woks

2015 Villa, Alkony str., XII. district, Budapest, with Árpád Vilics
2014 Biobriquette Manufactory, Monor, with Péter Fejérdy DLA, Balázs Kemes DLA and Miklós Oroszlány
2014 Mozambique U.S. Embassy, Maputo, Mozambique, Design development and Construction plan, Allied Works Architecture
2013 Summer house, Balatonszárszó, Architecture and interior design with Árpád Vilics
2012 CommON_Build Community curatorial proposal for the 2012 Venice Biennale with Gabriella Antal, Balázs Kemes and Krisztina Somogyi
2010 Maribor European Capital of Culture 2012 competition, Zsuffa és Kalmár Architects - honorable mention
2009 Csepel Művek – architecture rehabilitation of an old industrial area, competition at DLA school, BUTE with Gabriella Antal – joint 1st prize
2009 HungaroControl Air Navigation Center, Construction design, Zsuffa és Kalmár Architects
2009 Remodeling of the Castle of Sümeg, Schematic design plan and Design development, Zsuffa és Kalmár Architects
2008 Weöres Sándor new theatre building competition - Szombathely, Zsuffa és Kalmár Architects - 1st prize

Major publications

2017 Community and architecture. Complex design approaches text: Katalin Fazekas, in: Utóirat 2017/02, p. 16-19.
2016 From inside out – Summer house, Balatonszárszó, text: Levente Szabó, In: Magyar Építőművészet 2016/02, p. 46-49.
2016 Biobriquette Manufactory in: Builders Socially Engaged Architecture from Hungary named book (ISBN 978-963-12-4934-7), Editor.: Péter Pozsár, p. 98-113.
2014 International outlook, Building Strategy titled articles in Biobriquettebuilding, Monor Designbuilt (ISBN 9789631211672) p. 16. and p. 30.
2012 Reconstruction of Kalvaria Square and PlaNET project in the DLA School 2011/ 2012 Yearbook - Architecture and Community (ISSN 2063-5982), on p. 194-195, 202-203

list of publications