Balázs Mihály DLA


Mihály Balázs DLA
head of department, professor, head of The Doctoral School of Architecture

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Mihály Balázs was born on 26 November 1955 in Hernád (Pest County, Hungary). He started his architectural studies at the Technical University of Budapest, Faculty of Architecture in 1975, where he graduated in 1980, then he completed his studies at the Master School of the Association of Hungarian Architects from 1984 to 1986. He lives in Budapest. He is Leader Professor of Department of Public Building Design, at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and he is a member of the DLA Board of the Doctoral School in Architecture. He is member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts and also member of the European Academy of Scientic and Arts.


1980 Diploma Award
1991 Pro Architecture Award for the Nunciature of the Vatican
1995 Miklós Ybl Prize for architectural design and educational work
1998 Pro Architecture Award for the Saint Emery Church in Sopron
1999 "Medal-for-Merit for Telecommunication" for MATAV Headquarters
1999 "ar+d"(London) Award for MATAV Headquarters
1999 Budapest Architectural Award for the high standard of MATAV Headquarters
2003 Saint Atanase Prize for designing of the Greek Catholic College
2009 Kossuth Prize
2010 Prima Primissima Prize

10 major works

1991 Nunciature of the Vatican, Budapest, Hungary
1995 Greek Catholic church, Kazincbarcika, Hungary
1997 Saint Emery Parish Centre, Sopron, Hungary
1996 Greek Catholic College, Hajdúdorog, Hungary
1996 Hungarian Saints' Church, Budapest, Hungary
1997 Greec Catholic Secondary School, Hajdúdorog, Hungary
1999 Greek Catholic church, Fehérgyarmat, Hungary
1999 MATAV Headquarters, Budapest, Hungary
2002 House at Gül Baba Street, Budapest, Hungary
2003 Greek Catholic Theological College, Nyíregyháza, Hungary
2004 Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Faculty Of Information Technology, Budapest, Hungary
2009 Community House, Hernád, Hungary
2010 Regional Library and Knowledge Center, Pécs, Hungary
2011 Roman Catholic Church, Győr, Hungary

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